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Kistler Space Systems

is the new name for the former Rocketplane Kistler Inc. We have come out of Bankruptcy as of December, 2011. Changes are in progress, and will be announced as they happen. The most immediate changes will be the management structure and company operating name.

Please direct inquiries and correspondence to:
George French
920 339 6415

For inquires about launch services and pricing contact:
Space Express
John A. Burgener
Phone 1 888 867 7223
(1 888 TO SPACE)


We have a new name and new people. Kistler is using a well-developed design intended to provide orbital launch services to the Space Station and for satellite launch. We are in the fund raising mode for a while before we resume construction on the K1.

For 2013, we will be moving our web pages to our new sites: