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Competitive Pricing

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Competitive Pricing

  Virtually all communications satellites are currently launched on expensive, expendable
launch vehicles (“ELVs”) that are discarded after placing their payloads into orbit.
Rather than purchasing a single-use rocket, customers will be able to buy launch services
on an existing, reusable K-1 vehicle. Repeated use of the same vehicle reduces risk and
leads to cost savings. RPK believes that the K-1's reusability will lead to safe, reliable,
affordable and flexible launch services, including launch-on-demand capability

RPK will offer customers commercial catalog prices for K-1 launch services as a competitive
alternative to global launch leaders and to U.S. small launch vehicle providers. Payload
integration and mission-specific hardware (e.g., separation system) are priced separately,
based on specific payload and mission requirements. All K-1 launch services are priced,
contracted and performed on a commercial basis, and in accordance with all applicable
export regulations.