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  The RPK K-1 is a two-stage vehicle designed for full reusability. It is 121 feet (36.9 m) in overall length, 22 feet (6.7 m) in diameter and weighs 845,000 lbm (383,300 kg) at liftoff. The vehicle, powered by liquid-propellant engines from Aerojet, is designed to be reused 100 times.

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K-1 Specifications
K-1 vehicle gross
liftoff weight:
 845,000 lbm (383,300 kg)
First stage:
 550,000 lbm (249,500 kg)
Second stage:
 295,000 lbm (133,800 kg)

First stage engines:
Three Aerojet AJ26-58/-59 LOX/kerosene engines
with a total sea level thrust of 1,020,000 lbf (4,540 kN).

Second stage engines:
One Aerojet AJ26-60 LOX/kerosene engine
with a total vacuum thrust of 395,000 lbf (1,760 kN).
One Aerojet LOX/ethanol Orbital Manuvering System (OMS)
engine with a total vacuum thrust of 870 lbf (3.9 kN).

K-1 Payload Capability
The charts below show the K-1 performance capability at various orbital inclinations.


K-1 Circular Orbit Performance with Standard Payload Module


K-1 Circular Orbit Performance with Extended Payload Module