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LEO: The K-1 reusable launch vehicle is designed to provide low-cost, reliable launch services to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Commercial satellite ventures depend on timely and successful satellite deliveries to provide quality service to their customers and generate strong returns for their investors. Similarly, government satellite owners need reliable, and sometimes rapid, access to space without a high price tag, especially when confronted with limited budgets or critical missions such as monitoring developments in crisis areas.

Rocketplane Kistler's K-1 vehicle will provide considerable performance for a more affordable price. The K-1's reusability and modular design will enable quick turnaround times for launch campaigns, ensuring rapid and reliable access to space.

For commercial and government operators alike, the
K-1's vehicle's capabilities translate into significant cost savings, rapid replenishment of constellations, reduced risk, and new mission models. For example, cost savings can result in more money spent on science.

The K-1 Payload User's Guide describes the technical capabilities of the K-1 Launch Vehicle.


Interchangeable payload module and cargo module enable customer and market flexibility.

K-1 Payload Module shown with multiple satellites to LEO.