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K-1 Missions: Satellite Delivery

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The K-1 is a low-cost and reliable vehicle capable of delivering a variety of payloads to a wide range of altitudes and inclinations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Depending on satellite requirements, the K-1 offers two sizes of payload modules; a Standard Payload Module (SPM) and an Extended Payload Module (EPM). Interchangeable payload modules and the International Space Station (ISS) cargo module enable customer and market flexibility.

The K-1’s due east performance to a circular LEO orbit from the Woomera, Australia, launch site is approximately 12,500 lbm (5,700 kg) with the SPM and 12,000 lbm (5,400 kg) with the EPM.

For customers requiring payload delivery to high-energy orbits, RPK can outfit the payload with a K-1 Active Dispenser (an expendable third stage). The K-1 second stage will deploy the Active Dispenser mated with its payload into a 120 miles (200 km) circular LEO parking orbit. From this orbit, the Active Dispenser would use its own propulsion to place its payload into the final desired drop-off orbit or earth-escape trajectory. This approach allows RPK to combine the low-cost launch services offered by the reusable two-stage K-1 with the versatility of a restartable, expendable upper stage.

Enhanced with an Active Dispenser, the K-1 will be capable of delivering approximately 3,400 lbm (1,570 kg) to a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) or up to approximately 2,200 lbm (1,000 kg) into a Mars rendezvous trajectory.


The K-1 Reusable Vehicle is designed for multiple missions.