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K-1 Missions

The K-1 will be capable of servicing high-energy orbit missions with the addition of an Active Dispenser. This is an ideal solution for the small medium-earth orbit (MEO) and geosynchronous (GEO) satellites and interplanetary science missions that seek inexpensive, reliable space access.

Although business and mission practices for customers launching to high-energy orbits are well established, RPK's K-1 vehicle will encourage changes to the status quo. RPK believes the K-1’s competitive prices will motivate satellite operators to adopt new launch strategies and business models. Further, RPK expects the K-1's launch price to be so attractive that the satellite community will design and build satellites to take advantage of the K-1's capacity.

For instance, the market for small GEO satellites is likely to grow as satellite operators seek to leverage the availability of cost-effective solutions for capacity demand. By using small GEO satellites, satellite operators can minimize the risk and high capital investment required to enter the market for satellite services. Satellite operators can build capacity by incrementally placing multiple small satellites in the same orbital slot, rather than placing all of their investment on a single, highly expensive satellite from the beginning.


K-1 Active Dispenser performance is well suited for small GEO satellites.